Total Digital Triage

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The Practice is moving to Total Digital Triage in December 2023!

We are excited to announce that we are planning to switch over to Total Digital Triage from 7th December 2023.

We have seen a rapid increase in patient numbers since Covid, and this has presented a real dilemma. On the one hand we want to maintain our high quality of care, on the other we want to make sure all enquiries get the attention they deserve. As you can imagine it is extremely difficult to do both!

However, we are ready to rise to this challenge. We have turned to technology for part of the answer. Using the innovation and technical skills within our team, we have come up with a plan that will continue to build upon our excellent reputation whilst also allowing us to undergo this inevitable modest expansion.

We are working with a digital online provider who has created a new industry-leading ‘smart digital front door’ which our patients will easily be able to access via our website. Simply click to Log In via the NHS Patient Access button as usual (we can help you get set up for this if you need it), and that’s it – you’re in! Spend a few minutes answering the system’s intelligent and relevant questions and the enquiry will be submitted directly to your doctor.

Gone will be the days of waiting on the telephone!

We would expect the majority of our patients to enjoy using this single point of access in order to make ALL general enquiries rather than using the telephone – this includes appointments (be that routine, follow-up or same day), prescriptions and everything else.

These enquiries will be looked at on the day by the doctor themselves, and an appropriate appointment or outcome will be sent to you within a few hours or so. This may be for a same day appointment, or an appointment on another day which you can book at your convenience, or perhaps an appointment is not needed based on the doctor’s assessment in which case you will be signposted to get the right care elsewhere instead.

We would like to stress what we think is the best feature of this plan – ALL decision making will now be scrutinised by the doctor themselves and not the reception team. This should give confidence to our patients that all cases are being given close attention from the most senior and experienced members of our team right from the beginning.

A minority of our patients do not have internet access. We would like to reassure you directly that you will still be able to telephone us or walk-in to reception as usual if you genuinely have no other means of contact. Remember – the whole reason we are doing this is to free up receptionist time to spend on such people who need it.

We would never leave anybody behind.

We feel this new system will allow us to work within safe limits and enable our patients to get quality and timely decisions about their care. Of course all change can be difficult. We will support those who need it. We ask for your understanding and tolerance during this short period of change.